I'm Salvatore Jr

Salvatore Jr Calise was born in Naples  (IT) in 1992. He studied Archeology and History of Art at “Federico II University” and Painting at the “Academy of Fine Arts” of Naples. He earned his “BA” in Fine Art in 2017. He has been experimented with a lot of painting techniques since he was young with a nostalgic look to Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. As time goes by, the artist continues to develop an abstract language of original patterns giving a great stylistic identity to his artworks. His works are pure: he pursues spiritual ideas with total freedom, distant from any preconception of political and religious nature.  Salvatore Jr Calise addresses issues related to nature. His main subject is the twisted nature of the human mind, as well as, the way we connect to arts. It's a difficult and morbid relationship that the artist himself experiences as a need, a vice, a demand to satisfy every day, until death. Even though he is very tied up to painting, the artist also works in fields linked to visual audio, mostly in photographic and video art production. Since 2013 he has been working on conceptual short movie about the relationship between man and arts. He wrote and directed his first independent movie in 2016. Today he is working to many contemporary art projects. He works and lives between the island of Ischia (IT) and London City (UK).